Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: a little something and the promise of many more

This is probably the smallest item I've ever trash-picked. It's a little ceramic soap dish, about 2"x3". I pulled it out of a trash pile back in the woods by our cabin. I saw the edge of it in the dirt and dug it up, expecting it to be just a shard of something long since broken. But to my surprise, it was completely intact and cleaned up beautifully. I would put the date of it no later than the 1930s; maybe as far back as the 1880s. I keep it on my dresser to catch things like buttons and pins.

It's been getting harder to think of items for Trash-picked Tuesday lately (after all, I didn't furnish my whole house with garbage, although my husband might disagree!) so I was delighted to see the following sight from my upstairs window today:

The neighbor's house across the street has been empty since the man who lived there died last fall. He was the original owner, and as far as I could tell, never threw anything out. I know there has got to be tons of stuff in there; but who knows if there is anything worth salvaging. Well, we will definitely find out- as soon as they fill that baby up, you can bet that I will be diving in!

Happy picking, everyone!

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