Friday, April 9, 2010

A peek inside Chez QT, pt. 2: My vintage kitchen

Zootsuitmama  put out the word to show off your vintage kitchen. And the kitchen just happens to be my favorite room in the house!

First, the "before" shot- a dark, dingy, but completely original 1960 kitchen:

(That's me eating at the breakfast bar on our first day in the house.)
We decided to paint the cabinets white and the walls a butter yellow. The floor of the work area is B&W ceramic tile and carpet in the dining area.  Someday my plan is to get new black slate countertops, but for now we still have the old faux-butcher block laminate. After about 6 gallons of paint and three solid weeks of prep (this is all before kids, thank goodness) to remove about half the cabinets entirely and strip the rest:

I love this sink. It is gigantic- about 4 feet long; a true "double" sink. However, if we get new 'tops I'll probably have to get a new one, and they don't make 'em as big anymore.

Here you can see the floor- my husband laid the tile himself. Unfortunately, we don't have a vintage range, but that's on my list of things to find.

This area used to have a set of upper cabinets, but we took them down- there really was such a thing as too many cabinets in this kitchen! You can also see the 1940s vintage high chair we used for both kids.

Dining area- the area under the window also had cabinets, but took up too much of the dining space:

Some close-ups of the "goodies". The glass-front cabinets are original:

My cookbooks!

This little metal picnic hamper inspired the color palette for the whole kitchen- soft yellow, jadeite green and Cherokee red:

Finally, my 1940s Mixmaster, which I use almost daily- read more about it here:

Hope you all enjoyed that- thanks for the suggestion, zootsuitmama!


  1. I love how you made over your kitchen! I also have sad, dark 1960s/1970s cabinets... but, I've got big plans for the kitchen ;)

    Did you make the curtains? They fit in with the decor so perfectly.

  2. No, I didn't make the curtains- they were Kmart specials! ;)

  3. WoW!!! Love it. So clean and bright,cheery and fun! Thanks for the post!! Lots of my stuff could be a possiblity in that kitchen!

  4. What a wonderful make over. It's a little I Love Lucy with Imitation Of Life, the Lana Turner version. Beautiful!

  5. just getting time to see your lovely kitchen...and it is oh so lovely. It makes me happy. You did a fantastic job and inspire me.

  6. Beautiful space! That and the living room! I especially love your living room curtains!