Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Here are a couple photos of Halloween here at ChezQT!

I got only one new blow mold this year, but it is a good one- the one on the far left.

If you look closely, you can see that some of them are wearing "costumes" aka fake mustaches courtesy of my kids. We had a little fun with faux facial hair this year.

Since I had a bunch of new fall colored Pyrex, I set up a display of that this year. I used that creepy oil painting I picked up a while ago for the background, and added some spray painted curly willow branches (my brother has one of those trees in his yard) for a 3D effect. 

This year's big finds were mostly vintage paper decorations. (Thanks to Mick and the Thrifter Sisters for getting me hooked on those! :) This honeycomb ghost was NIB until we hooked him up to our chandelier...and added another fake 'stache. 

And this pumpkin from last week's haul has found a home on the back of our front door. 

Happy Halloween from ChezQT!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seeing Double

Funny how time flies, isn't it? Seems like just yesterday I was apologizing for not blogging much...

Anyway, I've been having some really great luck at the thrifts lately, and when I went to put things together to photograph for this post I noticed I had lots of things that were alike.

(And yes, I am still having difficulties with my camera, so these shots are not the best!)

Two tooled leather handbags. The one on the left I thrifted today for $7 and it came with a matching coin purse. The one on the right was a yard sale find for $3. 2 for $10!

Two pieces of enameled cast iron. Why yes, that is a Le Creuset dutch oven. For $10 at a thrift store? You bet I'm carrying that thing around till my arms are ready to fall off. (And the best part of it is, that while it is well-used, the previous owner used it to make something vanilla- even after a good scrubbing it still smells like vanilla- yummy!) The red frying pan is a Griswold from the 30s- mint condition for $1 at a yard sale.

Two adorable FireKing casseroles. The one on the left is hand-painted Gay Fad and the one on the right is Swiss Chalet. Both in mint condition and only a couple of bucks each.

I was just thinking I'd like to make madeleines and the next day I found these two pans for 50 cents. 
I love the details on them:

And of course I found some Pyrex! Two pieces of bakewear, a lime 023 and a Desert Dawn round cake pan. I have never seen pink DD in person before- it's beautiful!

And two more pieces of Pyrex, a snowflake space saver (with lid!!!) and yellow hostess (with lid!!!). On the right is a super cool ice bucket- the bullet shaped piece completely separates from the stand. (Why, I don't know, because it wouldn't stand upright, but still, so cool...)

OK, not doubles, but multiples! I hit the mother lode of vintage paper decorations yesterday. The turkey is a Beistle (also my second one of those in a couple of weeks), as are the Pilgrim cutouts that take me back to my own Elementary School days. The Halloween pumpkin and Trick or Treat sign are flocked- remember those? Haha, now I'm dating myself...anyway all of it set me back a whopping $1.80!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Flea Market Scores!

I've been having a tough time with my camera and it's really making it difficult to blog, but I did a quick trip to an estate sale and the flea market today and scored some goodies. (Apologies for the blurriness of the photos- I have to use my phone to take pix now.)

The frosted glasses have a leaping horse pattern on them and were only 10 cents each, the recipe box was a quarter and the boomerang ashtray was $1 at the estate sale. The chalkware fruit wall hanging is a duplicate of one I already have, but I love these things so much and it was only 50 cents. I'll find a place to hang it.

These Pyrex 401 bowls are what I bought at the flea market and are the best patterned Pyrex I've found in a while. I saw more Pyrex there than I have at any thrift store or yard sale, which is great because the prices are low and there doesn't seem to be the competition for Pyrex there like I see in the thrifts. (That's another whole issue which has been bugging me lately, but I don't want to get into that.)

The top is Horizon Blue and is my first piece of that pattern. I'm still kicking myself for passing up a complete set of casseroles in this pattern two years ago- it's so pretty. The bottom one is New Dots (of course you knew that if you are into Pyrex) and is so minty! I am now halfway to finishing that set- you may remember my post about finding the yellow New Dots. And the best part of the flea market is I got both of them for $5! Which is a good thing, because finishing these sets is probably going to cost me- especially the New Dots 404.