Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- lawn chairs, pt. 2

As promised, it's Old-school Glider day on Thrifted Thursday! (I know the suspense has been awful, just awful...)

I have wanted a porch glider since I was about six. Years ago, we used to visit an old Great Aunt in Lititz, PA (a great "vintage" town) who had one in her basement. My brother and I would ride on it the whole time (I guess there wasn't much else to do, LOL) while my parents and grandparents visited upstairs.

Ever since, there have been very few vintage items I wanted so badly, yet have been unable to obtain.  So imagine my surprise when I stopped into one of my very favorite thrift stores last December and found one! Now, this wasn't a two or three-seat loveseat style glider, but a single chair glider. I don't think I have ever seen one of these anywhere else. 

So for $17, I bought it and cajoled my dad to come up with a truck and take it home for me. It was my Christmas present to myself. I couldn't wait for warm weather to arrive so I could sand and paint it and set it up.

As you can see, it's not the more familiar "punched" design with a solid seat and back (see for more examples) but a kind designed for a cushion. I think it's probably older than the punched style, maybe 1930s? Everything is welded and riveted and it is really heavy, but it sure does glide easy.

I decided to paint it a 2-tone green. The light green you see in the photo was about the third color it had been painted. I found layers of brick red and ivory underneath. I liked the light green, but it really needed to be painted just to cover all the chips in the paint to prevent rust from forming. There was no rust on it anywhere- my guess is that it led a very sheltered life!

I have a couple springer motel chairs that I have painted a dark green with Rustoleum textured paint. This paint gives a matte finish with a bit of texture like a very fine sand paper. It really wears well outside and hides any flaws, like dents very well.

I thought I would paint the top part (the part that moves on the glider frame) the same dark green and keep the lower part light green.

I found a green and white cushion with a kind of retro feel and the project is complete!

Now all I need is a table to set my drink on...


  1. What a fantastic glider chair! Love the two-tone green :) I have lovely memories of sitting on the front porch glider with my grandmother on summer afternoons while I was visiting. Someday, I too will have a porch glider :)

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  3. Oh, I just hate it when I make a comment and then after I hit the Publish button I see where I made a typo! Grrrr. Anyway, what I MEANT to say was I could fall asleep in a hot minute in that chair. What a lucky find!