Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- the vintage gods must be smiling on me

Boy I sure hope this crazy luck of mine holds on for a little while!

Today was our community's semi-annual rummage sale. I look forward to this like my kids look forward to Christmas. I've had some good luck there in the past, but other times have been a total washout. I was hoping today would be a good day, and I was not dissapointed!

My community is ideal for a vintage-minded bargain hunter like myself. It's a lot of older folks living in older houses, and many of them are at the point where they're downsizing. So that means some great yard sales, rummage sales & flea markets! I also live in a town with at least a dozen antique stores, so I know there are dealers out there doing the same thing I am. So I never know if I'm going to get good stuff or just left-overs.

Today was a great day- I bought a bunch of vintage dresses & playsuits for my 2-yr old daughter and some things for myself. My 5-yr old son, who is shaping up into a vintage lover like me, found some classic children's books for himself.

First, sweet vintage dresses- $1 each- the largest one (on the right) is a size 6- hopefully my daughter will want to wear it when she's that age, because it is adorable:

The blue one in the middle is a feedsack dress and the red check one is a cotton blouse. The 60s mod print is a playsuit- I remember my mother having an apron in this print when I was little.
 I think I paid $2 total for all of these.

Left & center are a red polka-dot top and shorts, right is a hand-embroidered smock, which has never been worn.

For myself I found a BH&G Gardening Book from 1955 ($1) and a stack of 1940s-50s Christmas cards for 50 cents. Those of you that get Xmas cards from me are in for a treat this year!

I just want to frame this one, it's so awesome!


I also got this great pretzel tin, which will be good to strore my sewing notions:

That was a bit of a splurge at $2, but I think it was a good haul overall, don't you?
My total for all that was $9!!!

And then to top it off, when I got home I found a package from the lovely Zootsuitmama on my doorstep- Man, what a great day!


  1. All that for $9? You are so lucky! Sounds like it was a fantastic time. I love your finds!

  2. That card is so cute! I love the old ones, and I do frame em at Christmas! Zootsuitmama

  3. New Follower: I LOVE the vintage cards! What a score!