Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Day at the PIT!

Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm a bit late to the party, I know, but hey, it's still November! (Until it's actually December, we won't even mention that other holiday my kids are strangely obsessing about :)

If you've been around the blog a long time, you know that I am a total foodie. And also that we believe very strongly in sourcing our own proteins, through hunting and fishing. And what would Thanksgiving be without turkey? Wild turkey, that would be, just like the first Thanksgiving.

Yours truly, with Eagle Eye and a wild turkey, destined for the dinner table. (I know my attire is so fashionable, isn't it? But it was warm!)

Wild turkeys all cleaned up for dinner. They look just like a big chicken or domestic turkey, but without the giant over-sized breast. The drumsticks are a bit tougher and gamier than domestic, but the white meat is virtually indistinguishable. These turkeys spent their whole lives roaming the woods and foraging for food- no hormones, antibiotics or industrial farms. They can run and fly and I always give thanks for the opportunity to take one of these birds for the table. It is not a simple thing to harvest one, in any sense of the word,  but it is the best way to eat a turkey, IMHO.

My mom taking the stuffing out of the bird (in a vintage apron!) She was getting ready to make the gravy. I do everything else for the meal, but no one makes better gravy than Mom. Sometimes it's best to just leave that to the professionals! As I type this post, I have the turkey carcass simmering in a stock pot for soup.

I set the table with the best dishes, crystal and silver; it's just about the only time I ever use that stuff. I also used my "new" autumn tablecloth. It's not the greatest picture of me, but I wore a salmon-colored knit set. Plenty of stretch in that fabric for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Cope's corn, broccoli, cranberries, pumpkin and apple pie!

Happy Holidays from the gang at Chez QT!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SusieQT collects: Printed Glassware

Don't you just hate those bloggers who seem like they drop off the face of the earth all of a sudden?  Oh wait... :)

Well, anyway, things have been really busy around here and I seem to be a week behind on everything because of being displaced due to Hurricane Sandy for a while. But just in time for Thanksgiving I have a post about one of my very favorite things to collect, printed glassware!

Printed glassware was produced from the 40s-70s as a promotional item for consumer brands. In many cases, they were sold filled with things like peanut butter and sour cream. This encouraged the shopper to patronize a certain brand until she had accumulated a set of similar glasses. Popular themes were flowers, outdoor scenes and holiday motifs. Some glassware companies, like Libby, also produced sets complete with carriers and matching drink pitchers. I believe these might have also been promo items in grocery stores (i.e. free with a $20 purchase) or purchased with things like Green Stamps.

I've been collecting them for years, but they are getting harder to find at decent prices. I try to limit myself to sets of at least 2 glasses or those with pitchers or carriers now, which makes it much harder!

This is probably my favorite set, and the only set I currently have on display in my kitchen. I bought this set of 8 glasses with the carrier about 15 years ago for $15- now, I wouldn't be able to touch them for that price.

I love the red, yellow and green color scheme of these- matches my kitchen perfectly. I hope I can find another 4 of this pattern and maybe a pitcher someday to complete the set. (I've been looking for years!)

Juice glasses are so dainty- these are probably 2-4 oz size. It reminds you that years ago, if you wanted orange juice, you had to squeeze an orange (or five)! I found the matching pitcher for the orange juice glasses at a yard sale years after I bought the 3 (used to be 4, whoops!) glasses.

 Not every pattern was feminine and frilly. My guess is these were meant to be used as bar ware. If I had a couple more of these, I'd put them on my Thanksgiving table.

These holiday glasses are very common. It's a great starter set- you can probably find them in just about any thrift store if you're patient. I have a dozen of them and pass them up all them time anymore because I can't even use all the ones I've got! But they are so perfect for a Christmas tablescape set with a printed holiday tablecloth.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back with a Vengeance

Hi all- things are starting to return to normal around here. Our power was out for a week after Sandy hit, and   then we left for a weeklong vacation the day after it came back on. So, I am slowly getting back into the regular routine. But just because things were a little difficult around here doesn't mean that I didn't do any thrifting or things to blog about- on the contrary! I found a little bit of thrift store therapy went a long way toward restoring my peace of mind.

I'm being much more selective now than I ever was- just because something is a good deal doesn't mean I need to buy it. I almost always consider the resale value of an item, and am really trying hard not to buy things to keep for myself. Or, at the very least, if I buy something to keep, something else has to go.

So here are two of my best scores of the last few weeks!

This set of Libby Carousel glasses is in mint condition. I paid $7.50 for the set of 8, so that's less than $1 a piece. While they are cute and very collectible, they're headed to the antique booth; I need another set of printed glasses like I need a hole in the head.

This is one of my all-time faves. It originally was going to go to the Etsy store, but once I tried it on...well, I have other jackets that I can get rid of!

It's an original issue A2 bomber jacket, not a knock-off. It's goatskin, so soft and luxurious. I haven't yet figured out how to read the government label (there's a date code hidden in there) but it's not old, probably recent issue. But the style is identical to WWII issue and so iconic, it doesn't matter to me. And I think I have the correct patch that goes on the velcro spot left over from my days at our local air base.

The price was $40, which is probably the highest I've ever spent on a single item at a thrift store. I carried it around for a while before I figured I could at least double or triple my money if I tried to sell it. But for now it's staying with me, and I wore it yesterday as a salute for Veteran's Day. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm still alive...

Just a brief note to let you all know we're still here. Been without power since 8:22 Monday- no word yet when we'll get it back. Probably will not have internet/phone until much later. Stay tuned, and I'll get back to posting when I can!