Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rummage Sale goodness Pt. 3

Friday's rummage sale wasn't near as great as Thursday's. I got a couple pieces for the shop; all clothes, no housewares. Their prices are about 50% higher than the other sale as well.

I picked up this neat windbreaker- if it wasn't size XL, I'd keep it for myself. 
Why yes, I'm on the Mako Marine Fishing Team! :)

I love this 60s collegiate sweater. I'm definitely keeping this one!

A 70s plaid wool skirt. These always move well for me, and why not- they're so classic!

A pinafore apron. I couldn't resist, even tho I have more than I can count. It's going up to the cabin.

I also picked up a great 1950s wool swing coat with rhinestone buttons and carried it around with me the whole sale. I ended up putting it back. I was so tempted, but I don't need it, and they don't sell for me (probably because they cost so much to ship). On the plus side, by carrying it around I kept it out of the hands of one of the local dealers I recognized. I saw her yesterday, too and she shaddowed me the whole time. I waited until she paid and left before I put it back! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rummage Sale Goodness Pt. 2

Today's post is part II of the Thursday Rummage Sale loot. 

I always find some vintage clothes. As a matter of fact, two of the best outfits I own came from this rummage sale. The mustard sweater is for me, I love that color and don't have enough of it in my wardrobe. The sweater vest is ostensibly for my husband, but who am I kidding, it'll most likely end up in my Etsy store. He's just not a sweater vest kind of guy, no matter how dapper it is. 

The feedsack dress is for my daughter. I find a couple of these every year at this sale. I'm sure they were made by the same lady. They are not new, but appear never worn- I wonder why she only donates one or two at a time? Nevertheless, I always grab them. My daughter loves them- she literally wore the others to pieces. They are the perfect vintage dresses- cotton, cute details (love that scalloped collar!), hand made, and just zip up the back. I wish I had a couple for me!

I have been falling big time lately for hand-painted glassware. (I'm talking to you, Fire King Orchard Blossom!) I actually have a set of frosted tumblers that are similar to this pattern but green.  The pitcher and cup are quite small- about a quart- so probably for orange juice. I can just see them on the nightstand in a guestroom. They were only $1 for the pair. The wood plaque was for my son who didn't get to go since he was in school. He's my sidekick when we go shopping and I'm sure he would have found some cool stuff I missed if he was along!

I actually missed these the first time around and found them with a little help from sidekick #2 (aka my daughter, who loves anything girly). She was digging through the purses looking for pink or purple ones- she just turned 4- and came up with these. I love them! They're from the 50s or 60s and have that fake plastic beading on them. Totally worth the $2 each for the kitsch factor alone.

This might be my favorite find of the day. I've been looking for a 50s barbeque apron for some time. They are just so graphic and funny! I love how the guy has his martini and then the ghost of the steer appears and says "Now don't louse it up!"

It was only 75 cents, and perfect for my husband, who is a butcher, if I let him wear it. ;)

I'm heading out to another rummage sale today, hopefully I'll have more goodies to post soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rummage Sale Goodness Pt. 1

Today was the big rummage sale at our local church. They have one twice a year, and I always get really good stuff. Today was no exception.

I'm going to break this up over 2 posts because it's kind of photo-heavy. Which means I got a ton of stuff! 

This year's theme was blue, apparently. 

I found another Hoosier jar! With a blue lid, a color I've never seen before. It was $6, which was highway robbery for a rummage sale, but try buying one cheaper anywhere else. And I always have a use for them. Same with the blue mason jars, which were 25 cents each (that's more like it!) The tablecloth was $1.50 and is not a size I can use, but I might take it to the cabin or sell it in my Etsy store

Someone must have had an old Hotpoint refrigerator. Guess what, so do I
I think the basket (which says "Left-Overs"- love that) will fit in mine also. How cool is that, to find accessories for your 1940 Hotpoint at a rummage sale. Each piece was 25 cents.

I actually went back later in the day for this aquarium. I thought about it all morning and realized it would be perfect for a terrarium. Thankfully it was still there. It's older than I thought it was- the bottom is slate! The bell was an impulse buy (25 cents) that I may live to regret. Those of you with young kids will know what I mean!

That's it for now- I'll be back after tomorrow's rummage sale with pt. 2!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flea Market Friday: Saturday Bargains!

Yes, I know this is Saturday. It just so happened that I didn't get to any yard sales yesterday (we've all had a stomach bug around here and it hasn't been pretty) and, well, there weren't any flea markets. But I did get to stop at one today!

We spent the morning trout fishing- the kids caught dinner tonight, so that's good- and around noon time got home. I had to file my local taxes at the municipal bldg and thought I'd head over today and do that. Well, on my way there I came across a flea market at our local community center that was just winding down- and being a cheapskate, that's my favorite time to shop! (The tax office was already closed for the day, so I'll have to get back on Monday- oh well.)

I zipped through the tables quickly because the vendors were all packing up. There was a lot of junk- like piles of cheap purses and sunglasses. But I did spy some treasures and got some good deals- I never offer more than 50% of what an item is marked and almost never am turned down. Especially at this time of day. I never used to like bargaining, but as I have gotten older, and now that I own my own business I find that I enjoy it, on both sides of the deal. (So if there's anything you like in my Etsy store, make me an offer- let's work it out!)

So on with the loot:

I loved this enamel flower brooch as soon as I saw it. I know these are kind of trendy right now, but I have so many red white and blue outfits I will get lots of wear out of it. Around here the thrifts are catching on to them as well, and the prices are going up. I paid $1.

I need another planter like a hole in the head, but it's such a groovy shape (love the feet!), is a perfect green color and is Haeger. I'm thinking it will be good to hold remotes in the new living room. Another $1 buy.

Some of you were asking where I keep all this stuff- well, at times my house looks like an episode from Hoarders (the vintage edition) LOL. This is just perfect. And since my son collects these wood plaques and his room is chronically messy, well, you know where it's going.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's atop your dresser?

Just popping in for a quick post on how my new frames turned out! You may remember the other week when I thrifted a bunch of 1930s frames for a couple of bucks. Well, since I don't have a lot of 8x10 modern photos with a vintage look, I decided to put in a couple of my favorite 1930s celebrities, big band leaders Harry James and Glenn Miller.

I got the original B&W photos from Etsy seller Chihuahua Snaps, for $5 each. That's a great deal if you look online. Though I was sorely tempted by this autographed photo of Miller in GravelGertie's Etsy shop.

I didn't want to risk hanging them on the wall- I'm not sure how sturdy the hanging hardware is after all these years- and just propped them up across my dresser. 

On the left is my other 1930s frame- a blue mirrored one I've had for years- with one of our wedding photos. Without actually intending to, it appears I've created a blue and silver theme. The silver dresser set was my grandmother's, and the red embroidered cloth was done last year by my mom (thanks Mom- I love it!)

*xoxo* Glenn! I know he's not the stereotypical Hollywood-handsome guy, but I just have a thing for him- plus, we share the same birthday.

How dreamy is Harry James in this photo? I know he wasn't the most like-able guy, but lord, could he play. As a trumpet player, I only wish I had half his talent.

So what do you have atop your dresser! Feel free to blog about it and post a link below!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trash-picked Tuesday: Framed! (again)

I don't know know what it is about me and framed pictures lately. While driving to my weekly allergist appointment this morning, I spotted these out by the curb:

I pulled over so quickly a police officer stopped behind me to make sure everything was OK. (That's alright, officer, I'm just curb shopping!)

At first, I thought it was some sort of Hollywood star- the gentleman does bear a resemblance to William Powell (who was a Pennsylvanian- although not from this area.) They are definitely 1930s/early 40s. 

But there is a stamp for a local photographer on the print, so I'm guessing these are perhaps some aspiring local actor, or just a real hep cat. 

They are huge- the photos are probably 11 x 14, and the frames 24 x 18. Unfortunately , they have some significant water damage. The one below is probably salvageable, and I can probably still use both frames with a little touching up. But the photo above might be too far gone.

So, any ideas about what to do with them, or who they might be? I love a good mystery!