Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: a Watering Hole

OK, so my camera and computer are still not talking. Let's just hope they straighten things out later tonight and don't go to bed mad...

In the meantime, I will do a TPT post using archival images of things I trash-picked from the great big dumpster across the street on Mother's Day!

I have wanted a galvanized washtub stand and basin set for years. I just haven't come across any in my price range (read= free). I've seen a couple in antique stores and at auctions, but never had the money or means to get them.

So I was delighted to find one in the dumpster across the street! My brother and I scurried over there and back with this, hopefully before the neighbors saw us (not that I think they would mind, but still...) My husband was watching us from the window with his mother and my mother and just about dying from embarassment. (Though my mom has trash picked her share of things, his mom wouldn't be caught dead doing it!)

Only problem is, there weren't any of the square tubs with it. Now I need to find two 15 gallon square washtubs, like the ones sold here (brand new) for $27.99. Each. Plus $10 shipping. That would make my "free" washstand end up costing almost $70.

So I'm still on the hunt for some nicely broken-in (i.e. "cheap") washtubs. In the meantime, the washstand is still sitting on my patio as an objet d'art, an homage, if you will, to trash-picking.

And I will let you know if the camera and computer kiss and make up in time for Thrifted Thursday!


  1. Hmmm in all my travels, I don't think I have ever seen one of those! Or noticed one, at any rate. Love to see it with the basins. =)

  2. I wish my neighbors would set out more good stuff, lol, but then again around here everything is decorated in early Target!

  3. You find some great stuff in the trash! I love this piece. It would look awesome as a table base.