Friday, June 18, 2010

Flea Market Friday- Lights out!

To celebrate the summer flea market season I'm starting a new feature- treasures found at flea markets, yard sales or auctions! I don't anticipate this being a weekly feature, since I don't get out to as many fleas as I'd like, but when I can I'll do it.

I took my kids to our local farmer's market this morning. It's not an open-air market; more like an indoor bazaar with regular shops and an outdoor flea market on Fri & Sat. I had to buy some lettuce and rolls for our Father's Day barbecue, but had kind of forgotten that the flea market was probably going full force in the back. (Don't know how I could've forgotten that- I'm promise it will never happen again!)

So I headed on back just to take a look- you never know what you might find. Oftentimes there isn't anything good, but every once in a while I really score.

I'd been wanting new lamps for the nightstands in our master bedroom forever. (I've been wanting new nightstands too, but that's another story for another day). I hate hate hate the lamps we have now- they're 1980's solid brass lamps that my husband had before we got married (same with the rest of the bedroom suite- probably why I don't like it!)

I always thought they were Stiffels and had been his grandmother's.  For some reason that kept me from getting rid of them before. Then recently I mentioned that I wanted something different (aka something vintage, cottage style) and would it really bother him if I got rid of the lamps... which he told me then that he had won from a buddy in a poker game! So I guess there wasn't such an emotional attachment after all.

Anyway, the hunt has been on for the right lamps ever since. And today I found one for my nightstand which is just perfect. But the best part is the price. I walked past it and noticed the sticker said 50. I'm thinking, "OK, maybe in an antique store, but $50 at a flea market"? So I went up to the dealer thinking I'd try to get it for $35. Well, no dice, turns out it was firm at 50- 50 cents!

It's not as baby pink as it appears here- more of a dusty rose. It's definitely 1940s, and I learned (from watching American Pickers, thank you) that the stylized design on the base is called a "Lincoln Drape". The base is brass, and just oxidized enough so it's not shiny (I've had enough of that stuff!) The glaze is perfect, with no nicks, cracks or chips. It works great, the cord is fine, and it even came with a lightbulb!

Here is is in its new home, on my nightstand:

It matches the pink of the phone and the fabric perfectly! I still can't believe my luck. I also want to find a pretty vintage fabric shade. I know just what I want, and it should be fairly easy to find, so when I find one I will post an update!


  1. Great lamp! Don't you just love American Pickers?

  2. Thanks! I love that show- I always wanted to do that. I find myself looking at people's barns, garages, etc. wondering what treasures might be in there...