Friday, July 2, 2010

Flea Market Friday- A Clean Sweep

So my camera and computer are in now couples counseling and they're working through their issues. They seem to be at least talking to each other again.  I couldn't get a Thrifted Thursday post done yesterday, but we can do a Flea Market Friday post.

We went to a giant rummage sale on Tuesday. This is probably the biggest and best rummage sale around, that I know of. It lasts from Tuesday- Thursday, which while it seems like an odd time of the week to have a sale, is always very well attended. The prices are good, but not dirt cheap until Thursday, when they give you a paper bag and you can fill it for $5. But all the good stuff might be gone by then, so we went on Tuesday.

I ended up with a couple of vintage dresses for $2 each. One is a mid 60s knit that is a little snug, but wearable, and the other is a 1980s seersucker that is wayyy too big. If there was a place to try things on, I wouldn't have bought the seersucker dress, but that's the way it goes. I bought some other odds and ends, like a bag of vintage clothespins to feed my washline habit (two lines a day!) and some kid stuff.

But the winners of the week were a toleware trashcan for $2:

And a carpet sweeper for $1:

The trashcan is for my daughter's room- she has a vintage rose theme with a Depression-era bedroom set. In pink, of course.

The carpet sweeper is for my son- he is such a great helper around the house that I knew he would have a good time pushing this around. Even though it doesn't exactly get things super-clean, it at least picks up the crumbs! My grandmother had one of these (didn't everyone's? LOL) and I remember using it as a kid.


  1. Ahh the good old fashioned carpet sweeper! Was looking for one myself a while back there...

  2. The only bad thing about the carpet sweeper is that it already comes with someone else's dirt... ;)

  3. ha ha ha camera and computer in couples counseling! I dig it! Have a happy 4th!

  4. Man oh man I can relate, because everything in my house is acting weird. I'm about to get the house exorcised, because some Poltergeuist is messing with the machines! Love the trashcan, I have a black with pink roses. Zootsuitmama