Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trash-picked Tuesday: Framed! (again)

I don't know know what it is about me and framed pictures lately. While driving to my weekly allergist appointment this morning, I spotted these out by the curb:

I pulled over so quickly a police officer stopped behind me to make sure everything was OK. (That's alright, officer, I'm just curb shopping!)

At first, I thought it was some sort of Hollywood star- the gentleman does bear a resemblance to William Powell (who was a Pennsylvanian- although not from this area.) They are definitely 1930s/early 40s. 

But there is a stamp for a local photographer on the print, so I'm guessing these are perhaps some aspiring local actor, or just a real hep cat. 

They are huge- the photos are probably 11 x 14, and the frames 24 x 18. Unfortunately , they have some significant water damage. The one below is probably salvageable, and I can probably still use both frames with a little touching up. But the photo above might be too far gone.

So, any ideas about what to do with them, or who they might be? I love a good mystery!


  1. Wow, he DOES look like someone that we've seen before! But like you said, he could just be a handsome gent from the past since there are photographer's marks on them.

  2. Your dashing gentleman looks a bit like David Niven in the smoking photo.

  3. What a looker! I can't believe you saw those out on the curb and snatched them up! I would have, too. Wonderful find, lady!

  4. Where do you put all these great finds? You must have a huge house or a lot of storage sheds.

  5. great frames.That man sure is handsome in the photos.I thought he was an actor as well.gret finds.x