Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: What am I buying now?

I've had a decent week at the thrifts. I haven't strayed too far from home these days because we are having some car issues- not completely unexpected when your newest vehicle is 12 years old, and the others are 15 and 21. (Like all teenagers, they seem to be having reliability issues!)

But I have bought a few things and I have noticed my purchases following a trend of late.

First, I always buy 1940s/50s clothes and housewares. They are harder to find, of course, but still out there if you have the time to search.

This is a really cute 1950s cropped wool jacket. I know this must have originally come with a skirt, so I made sure to search the rest of the store for it, but no luck. It's tiny, so will be listed in the store soon.

Since the older stuff is getting harder to find, I've been lucky to find some neat 60s pieces. With the return of Mad Men, I know these things will be hot. 

This is actually a lounger, or very fancy housecoat. It is really long and fully lined. I just love the print and I know it will make someone smile to have it in their closet.

And -eeeek!- I have been buying 80s clothes lately. I remember that decade well, and feel a little bit nostalgic for it. Lately, I've even found myself searching for a particular pair of Espirit pants I used to have. And if I am doing that, I imagine a lot of other folks will be doing the same thing. (And doesn't this whole colored denim trend remind you of those days?)

If you are a reseller, start buying 80s stuff now. It is cheap and will be hot again sooner rather than later, I'm thinking. Remember all those brands we used to love, like Espirit, Benetton, Guess and Swatch? Buy them now when you find them!

I fell in love with this preppy whale wrap skirt and had to buy it. Same with the Gitano high waisted pants below. I don't think I would wear them, but I will list them in my shop and see how they sell. I have some 80s denim to list too, like Jordache. I've done well with some of these things in the past.

Aren't these pants so 80s? :) They have never been worn, and were 99 cents. 

And lastly, for myself, I've been on a bit of a mod kick decorating-wise. I sent all my rustic stuff up to the cabin and am going to do a lot more 50s-60s MCM and 60s-70s mod in my living room. I'll do a post on that soon, but I picked up this planter today which will be perfect!


  1. Yup vintage 40's and 50's things are getting harder and harder to find! Wonder what will happen once the supply runs out? Repro for everyone? Or perhaps the rage for all things 40's & 50's will finally come to an end?


  2. What great finds! The whale wrap skirt is so much fun, and that jacket is beautiful. Can't wait to see more pics of the cabin, as well as changes you make to your house.

    I agree that people should grab 70s and 80s items while they're cheap. I have a friend who filled her basement with 50s furnishings in the 80s when most people considered it junk and put it at the curb, and now she has the most gorgeous mid-century home you've ever seen...and a thriving mid-century business to boot, just selling things she picked up for pennies when she was first out of college.

  3. It's amazing the way you always find vintage clothing. That's a rarity around here.

    Thanks for your input on whether or not I should paint the statue of Mary. Deep down, I know what to do!

  4. Cute jacket! I wish I had more time to look for clothes, but working later makes it hard. The vase is cool too!