Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rummage Sale Goodness Pt. 1

Today was the big rummage sale at our local church. They have one twice a year, and I always get really good stuff. Today was no exception.

I'm going to break this up over 2 posts because it's kind of photo-heavy. Which means I got a ton of stuff! 

This year's theme was blue, apparently. 

I found another Hoosier jar! With a blue lid, a color I've never seen before. It was $6, which was highway robbery for a rummage sale, but try buying one cheaper anywhere else. And I always have a use for them. Same with the blue mason jars, which were 25 cents each (that's more like it!) The tablecloth was $1.50 and is not a size I can use, but I might take it to the cabin or sell it in my Etsy store

Someone must have had an old Hotpoint refrigerator. Guess what, so do I
I think the basket (which says "Left-Overs"- love that) will fit in mine also. How cool is that, to find accessories for your 1940 Hotpoint at a rummage sale. Each piece was 25 cents.

I actually went back later in the day for this aquarium. I thought about it all morning and realized it would be perfect for a terrarium. Thankfully it was still there. It's older than I thought it was- the bottom is slate! The bell was an impulse buy (25 cents) that I may live to regret. Those of you with young kids will know what I mean!

That's it for now- I'll be back after tomorrow's rummage sale with pt. 2!


  1. How neat what great finds! Isnt it just a samll world hotpoint to hotpoint?!

  2. Love the ice cub trays! I used to have a fish tank just like the one you purchased, who knew it would be "vintage".

  3. I have found the best stuff at church rummage sales! Ours is having one next week and I can't wait!

  4. Good buys! Yup, if I would have gone along with you we would have been fighting over that hoosier jar! hahaha


  5. Who would ever get rid of those ice cube trays?!?

  6. I hope that bell doesn't cause too much trouble. lol What great finds, congrats!

  7. I already feel your pain. I had a bell collection when my daughter was young...LOL You got some great things, and I can't wait to see the rest.

  8. Wow!!! You really made out! Some nice additions for your sons collection.