Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flea Market Friday: Saturday Bargains!

Yes, I know this is Saturday. It just so happened that I didn't get to any yard sales yesterday (we've all had a stomach bug around here and it hasn't been pretty) and, well, there weren't any flea markets. But I did get to stop at one today!

We spent the morning trout fishing- the kids caught dinner tonight, so that's good- and around noon time got home. I had to file my local taxes at the municipal bldg and thought I'd head over today and do that. Well, on my way there I came across a flea market at our local community center that was just winding down- and being a cheapskate, that's my favorite time to shop! (The tax office was already closed for the day, so I'll have to get back on Monday- oh well.)

I zipped through the tables quickly because the vendors were all packing up. There was a lot of junk- like piles of cheap purses and sunglasses. But I did spy some treasures and got some good deals- I never offer more than 50% of what an item is marked and almost never am turned down. Especially at this time of day. I never used to like bargaining, but as I have gotten older, and now that I own my own business I find that I enjoy it, on both sides of the deal. (So if there's anything you like in my Etsy store, make me an offer- let's work it out!)

So on with the loot:

I loved this enamel flower brooch as soon as I saw it. I know these are kind of trendy right now, but I have so many red white and blue outfits I will get lots of wear out of it. Around here the thrifts are catching on to them as well, and the prices are going up. I paid $1.

I need another planter like a hole in the head, but it's such a groovy shape (love the feet!), is a perfect green color and is Haeger. I'm thinking it will be good to hold remotes in the new living room. Another $1 buy.

Some of you were asking where I keep all this stuff- well, at times my house looks like an episode from Hoarders (the vintage edition) LOL. This is just perfect. And since my son collects these wood plaques and his room is chronically messy, well, you know where it's going.


  1. Cool finds! I especially love the planter.

  2. Oooooo cute pin!

    Sgt and I had quite the day at auction. Lets just say it involved lots of hey-wake that I didn't expect to get. But hey I live 2 hours away from the evil heywake dealer now so, score one for me! :)

  3. Sigh! I love the pin!

    I have too much planters too! You comment made me crack up :)