Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rummage Sale goodness Pt. 3

Friday's rummage sale wasn't near as great as Thursday's. I got a couple pieces for the shop; all clothes, no housewares. Their prices are about 50% higher than the other sale as well.

I picked up this neat windbreaker- if it wasn't size XL, I'd keep it for myself. 
Why yes, I'm on the Mako Marine Fishing Team! :)

I love this 60s collegiate sweater. I'm definitely keeping this one!

A 70s plaid wool skirt. These always move well for me, and why not- they're so classic!

A pinafore apron. I couldn't resist, even tho I have more than I can count. It's going up to the cabin.

I also picked up a great 1950s wool swing coat with rhinestone buttons and carried it around with me the whole sale. I ended up putting it back. I was so tempted, but I don't need it, and they don't sell for me (probably because they cost so much to ship). On the plus side, by carrying it around I kept it out of the hands of one of the local dealers I recognized. I saw her yesterday, too and she shaddowed me the whole time. I waited until she paid and left before I put it back! 

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  1. I love that you carried the swing coat around until the local dealer paid and left. That really had me cracking up! Totally something I would have done :)