Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's atop your dresser?

Just popping in for a quick post on how my new frames turned out! You may remember the other week when I thrifted a bunch of 1930s frames for a couple of bucks. Well, since I don't have a lot of 8x10 modern photos with a vintage look, I decided to put in a couple of my favorite 1930s celebrities, big band leaders Harry James and Glenn Miller.

I got the original B&W photos from Etsy seller Chihuahua Snaps, for $5 each. That's a great deal if you look online. Though I was sorely tempted by this autographed photo of Miller in GravelGertie's Etsy shop.

I didn't want to risk hanging them on the wall- I'm not sure how sturdy the hanging hardware is after all these years- and just propped them up across my dresser. 

On the left is my other 1930s frame- a blue mirrored one I've had for years- with one of our wedding photos. Without actually intending to, it appears I've created a blue and silver theme. The silver dresser set was my grandmother's, and the red embroidered cloth was done last year by my mom (thanks Mom- I love it!)

*xoxo* Glenn! I know he's not the stereotypical Hollywood-handsome guy, but I just have a thing for him- plus, we share the same birthday.

How dreamy is Harry James in this photo? I know he wasn't the most like-able guy, but lord, could he play. As a trumpet player, I only wish I had half his talent.

So what do you have atop your dresser! Feel free to blog about it and post a link below!


  1. It all looks so pretty together like that. I have nothing...zero...zilch. A big ole empty dresser with a lamp because my cat will knock anything and everything to the ground until it's broken. I envy your display. :)

  2. All your photos look fantastic! Your Glenn Miller and Harry James ones are wonderful, but I especially love your wedding photo. Cool that you and Glenn share a birthday. I grew up listening to my mom play Glenn Miller. Nice memories.

  3. With all your vintage stuff you have, do you own any vintage cornets or trumpets??

  4. I was the "anonymous" one....Maynard

    1. LOL Maynard! Yes, several. I'll bring one tomorrow night.

  5. Oh how cool! Love the photos and how you've used them. I'd be ashamed to show my dresser, covered with stuff that doesn't belong there!

  6. This a trip down memory lane! I can't believe it's on your dresser now.

    Me? I have knick knack boxes and crap!

    Once in a while I clean it all up but I can never seem to keep it tidy.

  7. what beautiful frames.I just love Glenn Miller too.I have the dvd with james stewart playing him.Just love it.Love the vanity brush and mirror.Right now I just have vintage lamps on my dresser.