Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: Ride 'em Cowboy!

I bet every one of you rode one of these as a kid. And how many of you got your fingers pinched in the springs? Or got your sock snagged on the sharp end of the spring? LOL- even as a parent I can't really complain about that. It's just one of those experiences everyone has growing up. Live and learn (or sue, these days.)

And even now, while they still make similar riding horses, they're just not the same. By making them "safer" they're also less fun and less likely to be played with. The older toys are just more fun, and I have no problem bringing vintage children's items into my house for my kids, just so long as they're not a downright hazard.

My kids have never played a video game and have limited knowledge of the internet. I realize it is not realistic to keep it that way forever; but while they're still small, I want to introduce them to the simple things in life that bring enjoyment without batteries and buttons and LCD screens.

And those things that are free!

My cousin actually trash-picked this for me (see, I told you it runs in the family!) Her husband picked this out of the trash at an old estate house he was remodeling. It looked like it had never been ridden. I had an identical one as a kid and I remember bouncing on it back and forth to the point where the horse's tail would hit the ground. And if I was more tech-savvy (what can I say- I never played a video game in my lifetime either!) I would be able to upload the video of my daughter riding it to her heart's content. But you'll have to settle for a picture and imagine the sound of the springs- I know you remember what that sounds like!


  1. So cute!! I don't remember having one of those, but I'm sure i rode on one at somebody else's house at some point. We still have a wooden one in the basement that was my husband and his brother's when they were little!

  2. Yup we had one, and yup, pinched my finger in the spring lol...

    Wow, I wish I lived where you live. The only thing curbside here are city issued trash cans and nothing else. =O

  3. Awesome! I had one of those too, much better than video games!!

  4. OH MY GOSH that brings back happy memories! It looks like your (adorable) daughter is having just as much fun on it as we did. It makes me want to go out and get one but really now, where can I find another one like that?