Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trash picked Tuesday: Table for one

This is one of those odd Trash-picked Tuesday items that I've known my whole life.

How can that be?

Well, I actually trash-picked this from my own parents. This table used to be in our house growing up. It had been my Dad's before he met my mom; he had bought it up in New Hampshire and had it shipped down in the late 60s/early 70s. It's really cool- it's a huge slab of old-growth pine (like 6' x 3') with four legs screwed to the bottom.

So if it's so cool, how come it's trash-picked, you're asking? Well, over the years and through the trials of two kids growing up (that would be me and my brother)- like matchbox car races and stacks of homework books- the legs got really rickety and the things would collapse without warning. My parents finally got sick of it and threw it out. I happened to come over to visit the day they put it out at the curb, hoping someone would give it a good home.

I doubt they thought it would be me.

But I couldn't stand to see it go, so I rescued it and brought it back to my house. My husband fixed the legs as best he could- now only one is wobbly instead of all four- and we set it up in the living room. Our living room has kind of a rustic Western theme going on, so it fit perfectly. (In case you're wondering, the plaid sofa is about to be replaced, thank goodness. That was something my husband had before we got married.)

So now the table is seeing its second generation of matchbox car races, and hopefully it'll still be around for the third generation!


  1. that is great that you kept it in the family! and since it is solid wood you can easily sand it and re-poly it should the generations of car races take its toll!

  2. I wish I'd had the foresight to keep my parents' old furniture. They had some great stuff, which they replaced with 90's crap. Go figure.