Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- What's the Frequency Kenneth?

Over the next couple of weeks I will be showing some examples of my radio collection. For a long time I was really into radio collecting, and have quite a few nice pieces. I haven't bought any lately- I guess I just got to the point of having "enough"- and as a matter of fact I think this was the last one I ever purchased.

This is also probably the most expensive item I ever bought in a thrift shop. It's a working Zenith model A515-Y clock radio from about 1958. I paid $50 for it, which I thought was fair but not a steal. I loved the color, and the fact that it had a working clock and radio. It sits on the counter in my kitchen, where I seem to spend most of the evening.

I use it almost every day. There is nothing like waiting for the tubes to warm up and hearing that AM static crackle turn into a baseball announcer's voice. I'm a huge Phillies fan, and when they were playing the last game of the 2008 World Series, I was listening to the game on this radio while watching TV with the sound off. Hearing the legendary Harry Kalas call the last pitch on this old gem just sent chills right through me.


  1. I totally understand the radio thing! They aren't just colorful works of art, but-when they work! I can't think of anything more Summery than sitting on my deck listening to the baseball game on an old radio! Something about it harkens me back to the days of sitting in my Dad's car and listening to the radio on a Summer night. Zootsuitmama