Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: How do you like your coffee?

Today's find is something I pulled out of a dumpster after a rummage sale. (The same rummage sale where I found all the vintage girls' dresses and Christmas cards, if you recall.) While the bargains at the sale are good, I always make sure to check out the dumpster in the days after the sale is over. *

I don't believe this was one of the items that didn't sell; rather it was probably part of the kitchen equipment for the church ladies that do a lunch and bake sale during the event. I think they cleaned out the kitchen and got rid of all the old appliances when it was all over. Besides this coffee pot, I found another coffee pot and a toaster. (Watch this space for a TPT post on that same toaster, a beautiful chrome two-slice Toastmaster...)

I had been hoping that it worked and I could use it when I had parties. That's why I picked out both of the coffee pots, because they were all jumbled together and I thought I'd grab all the parts and try to make one working pot out of both of them. But no dice on the Drip-O-Lator. Either I was missing something important or it just didn't work because when I plugged it in nothing happened.

But the shape was cool and there is no denying that this thing has that vintage industrial look that I love. So what to do with it? Turn it into a planter!

And the best part is that if I over-water it, I can just turn the spigot and drain the extra water out!

(*Note to my newest reader: Don't worry Mom- it's a small dumpster and I didn't have to climb into it! *)