Friday, May 28, 2010

WWII Weekend 2010: Be there!!!

(cue Perry Como:) It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's like Christmas for WWII enthusiasts and vintage-loving folk- the 20th Annual WWII Weekend in Reading, PA begins next Friday, June 4th!

If you've never been, you simply must come. Even if you have to fly halfway around the world, I promise you it will be worth it.  Where else will you see 2 B-17s & a Lanc, 5 P-51s, 3 B-25s and many more aircraft along with thousands of WWII reenactors and countless "civilians" dressed in vintage garb? Plus re-creations from the Homefront including a radio studio, 1940s home life display, cantina, and of course, plenty of vintage clothing vendors.

I've been attending for at least a dozen years, but this year will be my first in an "official" capacity. I will be manning a booth for my museum, the Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum and assisting local author Peg George, author of We Knew We were at War: a collection of stories on the Homefront, by selling her book.

So stop by and say hello if you're there, and if not- well, why not give it a try this year?

(That's me in the hat!)


  1. I live near a small airport and there are a group of WWll fliers and planes that practice regularly for Air Shows around the country. They fly over my house almost every weekend.

    Love the local Air Shows and always try to attend. They usually all have vintage aircraft as part of the show.

    I imagine the show near you is just as wonderful as the one's I've seen!

  2. Oh, it's even better- this is a huge event! There are hundreds of thousands of people; a good percentage of them dressed in vintage as soldiers, sailors, airmen & civilians.

  3. I so wish we could go this year! There's no way...but we are hoping to take a 6 hour cruise on the USS John W. Brown (Liberty Ship) in September.

    Have a great time, and remember, take lots of pictures.

  4. Oh man, you all missed a great one! I was there from start to finish (that would be 0700 Friday till 1800 Sunday) and had a blast. I will do a post on it ASAP!