Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day: The Real Story

Mother's Day is a day I always look forward to. Then when it's all over I wonder why. I guess I anticipate a leisurely breakfast (not in bed- that's too messy and you-know-who has to clean that up!) spending the morning with the Sunday paper and then a nice brunch or dinner out.

That's the ideal- the reality is this: I woke up at about 7 am to find the power had gone out sometime overnight. I had to re-set all the clocks- I HATE that!

I got up and got ready, then made myself breakfast while everyone else is asleep. At least I got to enjoy some quiet time.

My daughter got up about a half hour later. She just turned 2, so we're starting to work on potty training. (You can see where this is going...) She told me she had to go, so I undressed her completely and sent her into the bathroom. I turned my back to put her pajamas in the laundry and she promptly locked herself in the bathroom. When we got the door open, she was standing in a puddle of her own making. All the rugs then had to be washed and the floor washed with bleach. Not to mention washing her off and getting her dressed!

I finally got out the door and off to work, and hope to be home sometime around 5 so I can cook dinner for 9- both my parents and my mother-in-law are coming over to dinner tonight. Hopefully my husband will keep the house reasonably clean, so I don't have to do that yet!

I think I'm looking forward to tomorrow already!

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