Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday: Losing your Lustre?

Well, then you need Lustre-Creme! It's Lanolin-Blessed! And for a limited time only, it's on sale for $1.69, regularly $2.00!

I pulled this sweet vintage jar out of another trash pile in the woods. Surprisingly, the metal lid is still really nice and just has a few scratches- not bad for being buried in dirt for decades. The bottom is milk glass.

I use it to store toiletries in the bathroom. That's part of my obsession with replacing modern product packaging with vintage- I love finding useful containers that I can fill up and get rid of the modern. This works really great in the kitchen (sounds like a future post is in order for that...) as well as in the bathroom.

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  1. If you are ever interested in selling that I am big on 50s/60s beauty supplies