Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- Jayson's lamp, pt. II

Last week we went to my favorite thrift store to make a donation. Of course one cannot just drop off a donation and go home- if I'm getting rid of stuff, that means there's room for new stuff! So we did a little shopping...

The pickings were pretty slim but I did come away with something I'd been thinking about purchasing for a long time. Every so often I see these clip-on reading lights that go over a bed's headboard. I always think about how handy that would be- I love to read in bed at night (that's how I wind down my day), but my husband does not appreciate having my bedside light on. So whenever I see one I think about buying it but seem to convince myself otherwise.

Well, this time I couldn't pass it up. The price was right- $3- and the style was perfect. But for some reason my son took a liking to it and decided he wanted it for his bed. (I told you that the kid is just like me- this brings the total of vintage lamps in his bedroom to four!) He's just learning how to read and thought it would be nice to read in bed just like mommy. As a bonus, if he gets scared of the dark he can turn it on without getting up.

Here he is giving it a test-run. As you can see, it matches his bed even better than mine. His bed is a family heirloom which has been passed down through my mother's family. It's a 3/4 size bed (6'x4') made of solid carved walnut and I slept in it as a child. Jayson is the 8th generation to sleep in it, but the first boy. I hope it survives him- at least until he outgrows it.


  1. be sure not to put a bulb int here any higher than a 40 watt or it will dray and crack/burn a bald spot on the varnish of the head board! (Thats what it did to mine and I had a 60) Cool lamp though! Glad your kid has such good taste haha mine will provably be like "Aww dad not this crap again!" haha

  2. The first time I saw one of those lamps was at my great-gransparents' house whan I was a kid. Their's was pink. I've always wanted one.

  3. A pink one would be perfect for my daughter's room. I've seen a couple but they're invariably out of my price range ($5 & under!)

  4. Sue, that's a great one. (I've been looking for one, too.) Great style. And again, that kid's got great taste. :-D