Friday, June 3, 2011

Flea Market Friday: Mid Century Modern furniture bonanza! (Part 2)

I promised some photos of the new furniture all staged at my brother's place. And it only makes sense to  combine it with a long-overdue update on how things are going with his new house.

First, here's the sofa that I couldn't photograph last week. Pure 1940s art deco style- and it looks like it spent most of its life under one of those plastic slipcovers. $10. No kidding. Now in his spare bedroom; I think it looks pretty good with a $6 pair of 1960s yard sale lamps.

Here's the kitchen/dining are with the new hutch. Remember these chairs? Thank goodness they're still holding up, because it might take us a while to find a matching Broyhill Saga dining table and chairs. And be like me and do your best to ignore that frilly monstrosity of a chandelier...and help me convince him (he's reading this) that he should swap it out with the flying saucer lamp I got!

Here's the hutch all filled with some of his kitschen stuff. Some of this stuff was also bought at the same yard sale we got the furniture. Doesn't everyone need a souvenir tray from Florida? ;)

The buffet server fits this spot perfectly! (You can see the fake fireplace from Tuesday's post through the doorway.)

That MCM candleholder is made by Lenox (can't seem to ever find the right size skinny tapers, tho) and the ceramic plate is actually a divided dish with olives around the edge. I have a similar plate with cherries around it that dates from at least the 50s.

And finally, the living room.  It's very much a work in progress- we just put down the area rug and have yet to install the drapes and pictures. Those of you who have been to Chez QT may recognize the sofas- they used to be here until we got new ones last fall. The coffee table is trash-picked (by me). Stylistically, there's nothing great about it, but for a bachelor it has an important feature- the top lifts up to dining height. I didn't get a good picture of the gigantic console we bought for his TV, but let me say I'm glad we got the biggest one we could find....

Of course, you all recognize that Major Award in the window-it's not just for Christmas anymore! (That was a housewarming gift from yours truly ;)


  1. SusieQT's brother, if you're reading this, change out the dining room fixture...please! Your Saga pieces are crying out for the flying saucer light.

    I found skinny tapers online at They have 1/2 and 1/4 inch candles.

  2. Whats that I see off in the distance? A Flying Saucer coming in for a landing! I think it would look amazing over the table. I really like the couch too. That's a pretty big bachelor pad! Have fun decorating/trash pickin'/yardsalin' to decorate it, you are on a roll :-)

  3. Now THAT is some furniture! Great finds! Wow!

  4. Best. House. Warming. Gift. EVER! Looking pretty good!

  5. Looking really good! I love helping decorate!