Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Outfit Post

This is one of my favorite dresses. It's a 1970s vintage waitress-style dress, but with a very 1940s feel. The shoes are canvas wedges which are so comfortable- I wear them with everything. The bracelet is red, white and blue beads, strung in a confetti style- I forget the name of this type of bracelet, forgive me!

I actually took this photo on Thursday for my son's Kindergarten graduation. I wanted to wear something that was different from all the other parents but still classy and summery. I'm the only retro mom there and believe me, I get funny looks from some of the PTA moms. They're such a clique in this school; thank goodness we're going to a different school next year- I just can't stand some of them. I'd be curious to know how some of you handle people like that; it's obvious that I don't fit in and I don't want to! :P


  1. Isn't it funny how even as adults we still have to put up with cliques? Ya just wanna tell them to grow up already.

    What room are you sitting in? Kitchen? Den? Basement?


  2. I didn't fit into my sons schools play ground either but i was very happy to stand on my own or with my neighbor while waiting for my son to finish school. I couldn't be bothered with the falseness of it all and i just used to ignore it, best thing to do. Just keep being yourself its the best place to be ;-) dee x

  3. Oh girl I have NEVER fit in with those kind of Moms... AND I was a room mother! YOU are an original beautiful mom and you look great. I'd take that outfit over any I see at the generic stores! Not sure how to handle them, they are everywhere. I usually let them laugh and make their comments, I know they are ignorant.

  4. I don't have kids so I don't have to not fit in with parents like that but I was a teacher and did dress differently for my job.

    I can just imagine the type of Mom cliques in and around the area you live in!


    Cute outfit btw...I'm lovin those shoes. I have a pair similar that I bought from keds a few years ago. Since then they seem to have stopped making their cute wedge shoes ;-(


  5. @ Jill- that is our family room. Sometime I will do a post on that, but it's so darn big and there's so much stuff in it= picture overload!

    @Dee- you got that right- it's the falseness that I can't stand. Next year he is going to a new school and I know some of the moms there from other venues- more my type (aka non-judgmental) of people.

    @ZSM- thanks, you made my day! :)

    @Mary- I wanted those Keds so bad when they came out, but I was too cheap- now I keep hoping to find them in a thrift! :)