Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raising Kids (and other crops ;) in the garden!

We are big into gardening here at Chez QT. When we moved in 9 years ago, one of the very first things I did was to get out a shovel and break some ground for a small kitchen garden. Well, almost a decade later it has turned into much more, and is now a family affair!

We strongly believe in sharing the workload! Our kids would much rather help out in the garden than watch TV, even on a dreary and chilly day. They just want to be outside all the time, and if they can work on a project, so much the better. 

If anyone is pondering the meaning of life or just not feeling very satisfied about their existence, do some good, hard, manual work. The feeling of a job well done with your own two hands is something that I want my kids to appreciate, starting now. Sitting on your butt playing video games (not something we do, ever) will not produce the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of work. Get outside and work play in the dirt!

Jayson is fixing a bluebird box, while Jay is preparing the garden for planting at our cabin. Jayson is 6, and can be trusted to use hand tools like a hammer and pliers. He has a great mind for fixing and solving problems, and will spend hours doing this type of thing. 

This is farther north than where we live, so the seasons are a little behind.

 Even Kate wants to help. Of course, the rototiller is not actually on but it's the principle of the thing... She helped by putting the dead plants and weeds in the wheelbarrow.

The rhubarb is going full blast and the strawberries are up.

Make your mark in the earth!


  1. Looks like you've got quite an operation going! I can't wait to own a house so I can have my own kitchen garden.

  2. I agree! My garden, however humble, has kept me sane during hard times like now! My Grandma always said she felt better after being outdoors.

  3. I love this! My momma raised me in the dirt too! We always had an amazing garden with lots of foods stored up for the winter months. She is still a serious gardener and loves to commune with the soil!

  4. You are so lucky to have those awesome helpers. We are having fun in the dirt lately too. I love it!