Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- ReStore, ReUse! (or Tom's House, pt. II)

I had a chance to go over to my brother's new place last weekend and take a few pictures. The place is painted, and the carpet and some of the laminate floor is in. He still needs to lay the floor in the living room and get the bathroom sinks hooked up. But I think we are approaching move-in. Hopefully it will be before Christmas, because he has some awesome Xmas decorations that should be put up (like a 7 ft aluminum tree).

And since today is Thrifted Thursday, I will show you some of the furniture pieces we purchased at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few weeks ago.

This credenza is over 6 feet long, and solid cherry. Let me tell you that it was just about the heaviest thing I have ever lifted! Besides the drawers on the sides, behind the center doors are a set of long dresser-type drawers. I love the style of it, especially the curved sides. I don't know whether this is 1950s or 1970s, but it's extremely high-quality. 

 The pair of lamps I picked up at a yard sale for $6. Eventually the lamps will move to end tables, and hopefully we'll find a nice Kroehler-type sofa or sectional to go with them. The blow mold Santa is our token Christmas decoration so far. Since this is a bachelor pad, I'm sure Tom will get a giant TV to go on the wall above the credenza....

The small cabinet with the lamp on top is another ReStore buy. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it has an Asian-style round plate on the front for the hardware. It's a nice piece for the entryway without being too large. (This was where the mirrored wall used to be.) I gave him a pair of diamond-shaped chalkware plaques to go on the wall here, but until he's done with the floor, they'll stay put away.

This is one of the bedrooms. A nice neutral color on the walls and carpet will give us plenty of decorating options. Much better than the neon green paint and olive carpet! I'd like to find him a nice MCM bedroom set- hopefully in a black laquer.

The hall bathroom is still a work in progress. Because of the odd layout of this space (the tub and toilet are separated by the wall at right of the photo) he and his friends had to custom-build the cabinets and top. We tried to save as much of the original tile as possible, and used the color as a guide to picking out the other finishes. Hopefully, he'll get this finished in the next week or so!

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