Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trash-picked Tuesday: A third vintage suitcase

Longtime readers may recall that I have a set of mint green Samsonite suitcases, the larger of which I trash picked about 10 years ago.

This weekend, on my annual birthday thrift store crawl, the trash-picking gods (if there could possibly be such a thing, LOL) smiled on me once again and I found a third green suitcase in the set!

At my favorite vintage clothing store this was parked outside, marked "FREE"! 

Well, I love me some bargains on vintage clothes (more about that Thursday ;), but I cannot pass up free stuff, especially something that is part of a set I already have.

I'm not sure what is the proper name for this style, but I believe it is something like a hard-sided garment bag. The two halves are not hinged, but rather come apart. There are clasps along the other three sides to hold it together, and on the inside there are collapsible rods to hang your suits.

It wasn't in the greatest of shape- the lock had been drilled out and it had some mildew inside. But after a throrough cleaning and a good airing, it's definitely usable.

Maybe over a couple more years I can finish my curbside set of suitcases with the hatbox and matching Bermuda green traincase!

(And after a quick cruise around eBay and etsy, I'm gonna have to score them for free, because I sure can't afford what they're asking for these anymore! Yikes!  And double yikes!)


  1. Delicious! I love that Samsonite Streamlite stuff from the 1940s. I have... um... a bunch of them in the faux alligator, cobbled together from many different sources.

  2. What a birthday treat! My grandmother had the small blue overnight case, just like the one in your picture. I had forgotten all about it, but that sure jogged my memory. I remember that it smelled like her Coty face powder.

  3. Wow that is a gorgeous suitcase love the colour, happy birthday, dee x