Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Outfit post: Western Wear!

Yesterday was one of those rare days where the kids and I all dressed vintage- with a theme. My daughter started it off with choosing a darling 1950s vintage western-themed dress. She is almost three and chooses her own outfits. No matter what I can get her to put on, it *has* to include a dress. The end result is often a mix of several patterns, several layers and pink and purple. Plus a dress over top of everything! But this outfit was pretty simple- at least until she put a Halloween costume over top later in the afternoon (no pix, sorry! ;).

Since she chose this dress, in a blue oxford cloth with red bandana-like yoke and belt, I remembered that I had a matching shirt for my son. Alas, that did not fit him- it's headed off to the Etsy store, I guess- so we got out a different western shirt, this one with an embroidered Mexican scene on the yoke. It's a little big for him...

To finish the familial ensemble, I got out a 1970s-vintage western shirt for myself, a Montana Silversmiths belt, cuffed jeans and some of the shoes I got on my birthday thrift crawl. They are deadstock caramel-colored leather mocs, in the style of the classic 1930s  LL Bean moc . I didn't realize it until I was wearing them around the other day that they are also steel-toed! Seems a little strange to put steel toes in this style shoe, but at least I don't have to worry about dropping anything!  I have been looking for a vintage lace-up outdoors shoe for a while, and this is the closest thing I have found.

I'm looking to re-create this outfit from a photo published in a 1950 issue of Sports Afield.

I haven't yet found the exact shoes I want; I think those in the photo are like these vintage Buster Brown shoes of my daughter's:

I can't find any in a women's size 7, but I'll keep looking- I know they're out there!


  1. You guys look so cool! My boys are both in a decidedly anti- letting mom pick out their wardrobe kinda place lately, so I'm a heensy bit envious ;-)

  2. Shannon- I'm sure we'll get there very soon with my son. He's a great kid, but starting to feel that peer pressure for the first time (in Kindergarten!) and probably won't think Mom is so cool for very long! He did take the shirt off before going to school. :(

  3. aaaahhhh they look adorable your little girl has a great eye for clothes ;-) dee x