Saturday, March 19, 2011

Real Life at Chez QT

 Here are a few snapshots that just go to show that real life is not always prim and proper, vintage-y perfection here at Chez QT! Like everyone out there, we have our moments. All of these photos were taken in the last couple of weeks, but not all on the same day!

My "helpers" cleaning up. Note the cords (2!) wrapped around the table base. And Kate's skirt-over-pants fashion statement.

The kids make a mess and stare at Spongebob while Daddy examines the inside of his eyelids.

Don't you love Kate's outfit? She dressed herself!

And I have my peculiar obsessions as well. I think my neighbors thought I was nuts, but hey- my sheets smelled outdoor-fresh!

Is it bedtime yet?


  1. aaahhh i loved this post i smiled from start to finish ;-)) Great photo's family life is just great ;-) And your washing was a real classic loved it ;-)) dee x

  2. They are so cute! Good for you teaching the kiddos to help out around the house. Also yes, the photo of your sheets in the snow is outstanding!

  3. I absolutely love the vacuuming picture. It's priceless! What adorable kids!