Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifted Thursday: Birthday Thrift Crawl Haul, Pt. 1!

As promised, here are some of the goodies I brought home last weekend. I hit four thrift stores in one day of shopping- it's my annual birthday present to myself. The first three items are all from a vintage clothing store/secondhand shop that is so large it takes hours to go through it all. I forgot to take my camera, but you all would die just to see how crammed it is. And on many of the items, the prices are really good. I was totally in heaven.

This is a 60s polka dot dress. There is a zipper on the left side and a shawl collar- it's hard to make out the details with all the dots, but it's really cute and fits perfectly. There are a couple of spots that need mending, and I may need to replace the zipper, but not a bad buy for $2 (the red belt was $1). I now have three navy/white polka dot dresses, but can you really ever have too many? :)

I also bought this boucle beach cover-up for $4. I could use it as a lightweight cardigan as well, but I really needed a beach cover-up, and this fits the bill nicely.

I was on the hunt for vintage blouses in particular. This one will be nice with a gray or brown pencil skirt.

This was one of my bigger scores. I stopped at a brand new Sally Ann outpost that wasn't on my original itinerary, and boy, am I glad I did! It's a Lilli Ann two-piece knit set from the 60s. It has a nice 1940s collegiate look to it, though. It's probably headed to the Etsy store, unless I feel like breaking out the saddle shoes and keeping it for myself.

Most of all, I was looking for cardigans. Red ones in particular. This is a nice beaded cardi with a scoop neckline, that I can wear with all those polka dot dresses! It's modern, but classic. I did find a beautiful vintage beaded ivory cardi at the same shop as the Lilli Ann suit, but that will be in part II.... ;)


  1. All great finds. Happy Birthday! I do that too, though my birthday is on the 31st, so I head to the garden center usually.

  2. That's an adorable cardigan--a girl can never have too many. Happy Birthday!

  3. Good finds and Happy Birthday. Love the seagulls on the cover up.

  4. Love the blue and white! It's adorable.