Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifted Thursday- Don Draper's Desk Clock

I've been wanting to share this little beauty for quite a while. Problem is, I had to share a video, so it took me some time to figure that out; hopefully it works! I will say one thing about keeping up this blog- it has forced me to embrace new technology, and without it I'm sure I would never have learned about a lot of things...

I thrifted this at least 2 years ago. I saw it several times before I finally bought it; it was just one of those things that kept calling my name but I really couldn't justify. Until it went on sale, at half off. For 50 cents, I brought it home. To my surprise it worked, lights up and keeps good time. I love to watch the numbers flip over - there's something so primitive about that, in this digital age!

The brand name is "Caslon", which I've never heard of, but it just has a 1960s look about it- it would definitely be at home on the Mad Men set! The back has the original instruction card which explains how to set the time, day and date. (Also note the price tag...) 

And here's the video of it in action. The glowing red dot is not some spectre, but the video light on my camera... If it were darker, though, you could see the orange interior light.


  1. Wow! $1 was to expensive? You had to wait until it went on sale? LOL! Thats a cool clock, does it make a lot of noise when operating? I used to have a similar one next to my bed but it was too noisy to sleep!

  2. Very cool, and yes, I can totally see that on Don Draper's desk. I can also see myself sitting in his office with my steno pad, taking dictation and counting the minutes until we could sneak off for a martini, ha ha!

  3. LOL Christine, me too! ;)

    Amber- it's not that it was too expensive, but I kept asking myself if it was something I really needed- I have too much stuff already. But vintage things that are functional and still work just seem to find me! And the only noise it makes is the flipping of the numerals, not that ratchety sound other old clocks make (yes I know the feeling!)