Friday, October 29, 2010

Decorating Chez QT for Halloween!

 It was a dark and stormy night....

when I took these pictures. I was hoping to get some of the eery fog in the photos, but as you can see, they didn't turn out so well. ;)

Anyway, the front porch has a string of orange LED lights, as well as an orange candle flicker bulb in the fixture.

We have an area under a tree that I made to look like an upturned grave site, with a wooden coffin and skeleton, and tombstones. The light that looks like fire is a spotlight I use to uplight the tree, and the rags in the branches are ghostly tatters.

Inside I used a bunch of faux spiderwebs (my son helped with this part) and brought out some subtle creepy things (my kids aren't old enough to do full-on horror, but soon...), like a collection of stopped clocks:

These clocks are kind of funny, because visitors always wonder what time it really is! (the only working one is on the far right). And my turntable is in the background with the Mr. Lucky album on it- great Halloween-ish black cat graphics on that.

Some gargoyles,

Candelabras (I love these-they're made from old spoons & forks) and white pumpkins.


  1. Wow, you really go all out, ey? Nice and spooky, I like it!

  2. That looks awesome,you really did a great job.I dressed my son as a zombie & he is at his mates place.It was a last minute thing so i had to improvise.I used a flour and water dough to make him look scabby lol then i put one of my white clay face masks over it then used dark brown eyeliner around his eyes & on his lips ,used spattered & smudged red ink on a ripped up shirt which i rubbed in a bit of soot & tadah walking dead lol.He complained that he looked terrible i said your dead your supposed to look terrible,his mates thought it was cool though lol.
    Have a happy halloween:D

  3. Sounds like a great costume! The best costume I saw was a kid wrapped in strips of old sheets like a mummy- very convincing and easy, as well as cheap, I'm sure!

  4. I love the spooky Halloween decorations with the clock n' cobwebs!

  5. Wonderful!

    We did little decorating this year, but I did enjoy the jack o'lantern carving.

    Your place looks fantastic.