Friday, October 1, 2010

Flooded Friday!

No pix today (a good thing- you would die), but we woke up to 3 inches of water in our basement. We don't often get water there (like once every couple of years) but six inches of rain overnight will do that, I guess. There were lots of things on the floor, so we've been salvaging what we can.

The best part is trying to keep the kids from sailing boats down there while we're trying to clean up. They were just about ready to put on bathing suits and dive in.

We borrowed a pump from my husband's boss- needless to say he didn't get to work today- that I think was used to pump out a barn. It smelled like cow manure- really gross. And the worst part is that our vacuum cleaner was among the casualties... gotta love life sometimes!


  1. Oh no!How awful for you,i'm really sorry that happened to you.We had it happen to us early last year & i lost a whole heap of books i had stored down there as well as some vintage clothing & family photos so i can sympathise.
    I lost books that my granma had given to me as a child,i cried when i saw they were ruined.
    I know they are only things but it was still upsetting & frustrating.
    Had to giggle at the kids,they always put a silver lining on things don't they ?:) I hope you didn't lose too much stuff.Good luck with the clean up.At least our floors were nice & clean when we were done..

  2. Thanks- I did lose a couple of books. I had a few vintage pulps on the floor that I took out of my plaid suitcase after my trip to Detroit. Lazy me just left them on the floor instead of putting them back in my bedroom. I guess that'll teach me! The plaid suitcase got soaked as well, but seems to have dried out OK...