Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Anniversary, 2001-2010

Nine years ago today my husband and I were married. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we got a bunch of great pictures which I think you all might enjoy. The car is a 1934 Buick, which was owned and driven by a guy I met through a mesasge board. He was so cool- didn't ask for any money (we gave him some anyway) and wore a vintage chauffer's uniform. What a special thing to do for someone you don't even know.

We didn't plan a "vintage" wedding, but it was very traditional with vintage touches.


  1. Lovely pictures! Happy Anniversary!

    And many more! Whoohoo!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think fall is a great time of year for a wedding.

    BTW I got your gift in the mail! Love it and plan on talking about the history behind it when I teach my jewelry lesson to my art kids this year!

    Thanks so much
    Betsy :)

  3. Your pics are just beautiful! Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are lovely! Best wishes for many more years together :)

  5. Just gorgeous.

    Please give my best to your other half. Happy anniversary!!

  6. Thank you everyone! We had a great photographer- believe me there's no way we could have got those pix ourselves! We had a nice time- went out to dinner, then back to reality.

    MaryDeluxe- glad you got it, and super cool that you can use it as a teaching tool as well!!! Come to think of it, I made a similar bracelet in 7th grade shop class, but not with the history this one has of course... ;)

  7. Happy belated anniversary:)Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.My hubby & i have been married for 9 years too:)

  8. Beautiful! What a cool car, too. I would have loved to have something like that for our wedding, but as our wedding location was right across the street from the reception site, we just walked!

    Congrats, and many happy returns on the day!

  9. What beautiful photos! I guess I hadn't found your blog when you posted them.