Friday, October 15, 2010

Flea Market Friday: Christmas in October

I don't know about you, but seeing some stores with Christmas stuff out already (I'm talking to you, Lowe's!) seems a little bizarre.

However, the time to buy vintage Chirstmas stuff is when you see it, and I saw a bunch of it last Friday at our local rummage sale. So I guess that makes me an an accessory to all this early Christmas madness?

Anyway, I bought this killer bottlebrush wreath with its original box:

The original price sticker said it cost $1.50 new, so I guess I got a pretty good deal at 66% off (that would be 50 cents). The box was also marked that the color was "blue", though, so unless I developed a sudden case of color-blindness, that was way off. Imagine what the original purchaser must have thought when they ended up with a red wreath instead of blue. (Maybe relief? LOL, but a blue wreath would be totally cool nowadays)

I bought some other non-Xmas stuff, like a retractable flying-saucer kitchen light for my brother's new house ($3) and an Oster kitchen center ($7.50) just like my mom had when we were growing up. I managed to resist a couple dozen vintage Xmas balls; I just have way too many already!


  1. What a great deal on a FANTSTIC fin, I like it! I just got a tinsle wreath last week, I dont think I've postedit yet, but I 'v been pack ratting vintage Christmas stuff like crazy!

  2. Oh, AWESOME find! You totally scored!


  3. Great find! you think October is early, in the UK one of the major stores in London opened it's Christmas store part in AUGUST!!!! Let's just say it made the news ;o)