Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...And we're back

I thought I'd honor my late father-in-law by showing off what good taste he had.  My in-laws were married in 1960, and they picked out a house full of furniture which they kept for 40 years. When they downsized, my husband and I were just getting started so we inherited some choice pieces.

This is a Motorola console hi-fi system, which was in their rec room. My husband re-finished it and now we're working on getting the electronics back to working order. It's all vacuum-tube driven, so once it's done it should sound and look great.

With the phonograph lid open:

(As you can see I have some other vintage electronics which I will feature in other posts!)




  1. You're lucky to have known such a swingin' guy! Sorry for your loss.

  2. I simply adore this wonderful HiFi. Nothing sounds as sweet as old LP's playing on one of these authenic adds such a great element to a vintage home!