Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Trash-picked Tuesday

Can't you just hear the hum and smell the static? Yes, that's right-someone threw away a neon sign. Fortunately I came along and rescued it before it got broken. It was on the top of a heap of junk that a landlord dumped after his tenant split without paying the rent. I can't imagine why they didn't keep it or try to sell it, but there it was, and now it's in our game room.

Now, I'm not partial to Miller Lite by any means; after all, if you spell it L-I-T-E there can't be anything good about it! But free is free, and if I were to buy it, it would be a couple hundred. And every vintage game room/rec room needs a neon beer sign!

I did have to get a new transformer put on- it's the black box where the pull chain is- but that only cost me $20. A friend of my husband cannabalized an old Schaffer sign that had broken (and which would have been cooler, I know) and took its good transformer off. 

In case you're wondering what that strange thing with the faces is on the right of the photo, it's a 1980s pinball machine called "Whirlwind". And I should probably explain the music: in honor of the retro arcade theme, the music today is what you might find in someone's basement jukebox- more on that later!


  1. Looks like we found each other via the Pyrex Collective. I enjoy your blog too and am now following! I live in the midwest and the cold and snowy weather is not conducive to curb surfing this time of year. Can't wait for warmer weather and maybe I can find something like this for my hubby's man cave.

  2. Great to have you aboard, Rachael!