Sunday, March 21, 2010

Download of the Day

Today's Download of the Day comes from a rather unlikely source. If you're a child of the late 70s/80s like me, you may have had a crush on this person when he first showed up on the music scene. Heck, some of you still may, even now.

That's right, it's George Michael.

Now before you get all in a dither about me going too pop, check out his 2008 release "Feeling Good".
It's part of a double album called "Twenty Five", which I borrowed from my local library, mostly for the 80s/90s stuff. I doubt I would have paid full price for it- some of the new stuff is just not my style. But I was very pleasantly surprised at his take on this 1965 Leslie Bricusse song. What can I say, the guy can sing and he can swing.

Maybe he missed a career opportunity- I wish there was more like this on the album. Perhaps down the road he'll do a Rod Stewart (a guy you'll probably never see mentioned in this space again!) and record a whole album of standards. If they're anything like this song, I'll buy it.

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