Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trash-picked Tuesday, v. 5.0

I actually trash-picked this 1930's hairdryer from a relative. Before you get all creeped out, she was dead. OK maybe that didn't help... ;)

Actually, my mother was cleaning out this relative's house in preparation to sell it, and she put a whole bunch of goodies out by the curb. When I arrived to help her, I naturally went through the stuff mom had tossed. And with good reason, since this is some of what I found.

I have never tried it to see if it works- but I can't imagine that this relative kept it if it didn't. (That's also her deco vanity it's sitting on- at my house now. ) Maybe someday I'll try it, but I think it still looks glamorous even if it is just a prop these days!

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