Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SusieQT collects: Pyrex!

Due to a special request from Shannon after my last post on Fire King, I am going to show you (almost!) my entire Pyrex collection. If you have been a blog reader for a while, you may recall similar posts, but my collection keeps growing and there are many new pieces here. And yes, I did not realize how many pieces I really have until I got out the camera and started taking pictures. Some I have on display all the time, but a lot is tucked away either for special occasions or daily use.

For the most part I try to stick to pink, turquoise, and black patterns, along with primary and assorted holiday patterns/rareties. I have thrifted almost all of them, because I am so cheap. ;) I rarely buy on ebay and have made just two trades on facebook.

So, let the eye candy begin:

My fridgies, space savers (middle shelf on the left) and assorted bowls and bakeware. Most of these are for display only, although I do on occasion use the flamingo 933 lasagna pan, the lime square baker and the small fridgies. (Two of them are on the job right now in my fridge.) I have also used my starburst space saver, but as the value of that has skyrocketed, I think it will stay safely in the cabinet from now on.

Interestingly, that piece (for many, the holy grail of Pyrex) was my first ever piece of patterned Pyrex. I bought it for a couple of dollars at a thrift store about 10 years ago before I ever thought of collecting the stuff. I just bought it because it was "atomic" looking and was cool. Good thing I scooped it up way back then!

All of these are thrifted except the pink 503 large fridgie and charcoal snowflake space saver, which were ebay purchases.

Stay tuned, I'll break the bowls up on the lower right for their own photo in a sec.

The middle shelf holds my divided dishes (a little wonky- I need to brace them a bit!) and a snowflake 045 casserole and my lone piece of orange Butterprint. There are also a couple of Pyrex mugs on the bottom right- 4 Holiday, and one Federal Eagle. (Not pictured are a couple of Butterfly Gold & Spring Blossom mugs in the cabinet which I use for my coffee.) All thrifted except the turquoise on white snowflake divided dish which was a facebook trade.

These are the mixing bowls from the first picture. I have partial sets of the Cinderella Butterprint bowls (need only the white 443) and mixing bowls (need 404 and 401). The delphite Bluebelle bowls (401 and 402 only) were ebay buys, while everything else (including yellow New Dots) was thrifted. I'm working on completing the sets, but prefer to thrift or trade and not succumb to the ebay monster!

These are part of my holiday display right now- the red and blue Pixies (mini casseroles) and cheese dome are Pyrex. The triangular casserole is not Pyrex, but awesome nonetheless!

My butter dishes- trying to accumulate all of them, but its slow going. (The Butterprint at top was an ebay buy.)

Holiday Pyrex- Christmas promo and Autumn Harvest for fall. It was not until I dragged these out to photograph that I realized how similar the patterns are, even though they are 20+ years apart in manufacture date.

Some of the bakeware I don't have room to display and use more often- the yellow 043 casserole I believe to be part of the solid yellow set, and is extremely rare. The Spring Blossom 045 and flamingo 024 I use quite a bit.

And finally my mixing bowls. The primary set is un-numbered on the bottom and is what started me on my way to "officially" collecting Pyrex. The opal set (with a Spring Blosson 402 thrown in to complete it) is a fairly recent purchase and still has remnants of the gold band around the rim. 

Whew! that was more work that I anticipated- I have a lot of Pyrex! How about you? If you have a collection, post a link in the comments so we can all see!


  1. Wow, your collection is getting huge! When you just see a few new acquisitions here and there, you have no idea. Good job! It's really beautiful.

    1. I should also point out (for the MCM enthusiasts like yourself!) that the round blue platter in the background is Bauer ringware. It was my Grandmother's in the 30s. I wish Pyrex made large platters- I'd have another obsession!

  2. OMG....you have totally inspired me to photograph all of my Pyrex too. It has been a while since I showed my awesome cabinet that is strictly pink/turquoise. Plus my cabinets, and my laundry room shelves.......Oh no. Better go charge my camera!

    I love how you mix in Pyrex with vintage glassware and those cute Hazel Atlas pitchers. Definite eye candy:-)

    Happy 4th!


    1. Oooh, I would love to see your pink/turquoise cabinet!!!

  3. We've got a few of the same. I had to have the primary set because my Mom had it (and still does) so it just brings back memories. I've also got those with the wheat on them too. I got like 4-5 bowls for $8.00! And it was at an antique shop - couldn't believe it!! The cashier actually had to double-check the price and it was right. Score!
    Did you ever make it to the Black Rose Antiques in Allentown?

    1. Score! Nope, haven't gotten over to Black Rose yet. It's on my list for the summer though!

  4. What a wonderful collection! Colorful Pyrex really is eye candy. I don't have much, but love what I do have, especially the refrigerator dishes. I have a collection of Hazel Atlas colored glass dinnerware, my cabinets are unfortunately - full!

  5. That is AWESOME. I knew it would be :-)
    I just love to see all the colors together; a happy Pyrex rainbow.
    I didn't even know they made black. Crazy.
    Thank you!

  6. How very timely. I just came back from the Salvation Army with a small turquoise Pyrex bowl to go with my larger orange one, and see that you've posted your collection! I am green with envy. Some of the patterns you own I recognize from my mother's collection, but yours is the first starburst pattern I've ever seen. Thanks so much for posting all these shots.

  7. Wow, I never knew the starburst space saver was a rare "holy grail" find in the pyrex world! Like you, I found mine years ago and paid like 50 cents for it at an estate auction! I looked on etsy at the price and was like OMG! hahaha I bought it years ago for the color and design! I only have bits and pieces of pyrex....a set of pink mixing bowls and some pink gooseberry. Your collection is awesome!


  8. Love the jadeite! Especially that ball jug :)