Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Friendship Find!

There are certain Pyrex patterns that I just never see "in the wild". I have been seriously collecting Pyrex now for over two years and have never seen a single piece of Friendship in thrift stores or even local antique stores. I don't know if it just wasn't popular when it came out around here or if people seem to hold on to it and not donate it (more likely!), but I have never seen any of it. Until yesterday, that is!

I usually stop in to a certain thrift store on my way to work Monday afternoons, and yesterday was in a bit of a rush. I had only enough time to a) stop and get a cup of coffee or b) pop into the thrift store really quickly, but not both. I chose option b, and made the right decision. 

I walked in to the housewares section of the store (it is really small, so you only have to stand in one place and look around to see everything) and my "Pyrex radar" started going off. Anyone else have that happen? You know there is Pyrex there, but don't immediately see it- kind of weird but cool... anyway, there was one other person in there, a twenty-something guy who was looking intently at the electronics. I looked at all the dishes and places where normally you would expect to find Pyrex, but saw nothing except clear pieces. 

Finally, the guy moved, and there on the shelf was a giant red bowl. And inside were two more- I knew what it was, and I had found my Friendship at last!

The Cinderella set, minus the 441, and in great condition!

The only bad thing was the price- it didn't come cheap. I paid $20.50 for the three (why do they always add that extra .50?) which I know is high for a thrift store, but it is three bowls and this pattern is never cheap online either. It was a fair price, I suppose, and I certainly don't regret bringing them home. The red is so vibrant, and I love the yellow too. I can see why these are hard to come by in the thrifts!


  1. Beautiful find, good for you! A fair price for rarer items and considering you didn't have to pay for shipping. I try to remember that when I'm thrifting. Love shopping eBay but those shipping prices have gotten so costly.

  2. That's really lovely. Congratulations on finding rare pieces!

  3. Score! That is a mighty fine find for you.

    I hope you find the 441 soon :)

  4. oh how cool! I found a nesting set of Friendship in a thrift out near Slippery Rock PA, I'll try and take a picture as I think mine is a little different.

  5. How great! And all things considered, $20.50 isn't that horrible for 3 bowls! The only friendship seats I've see around here START at $75.00!

  6. How great! You've renewed my faith in thrift stores.