Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pyrex Done Deal.

Alright, OK, you win!

Behold- the primary color mixing bowl set. I went back this morning and paid $30. They are absolutely mint, with no scratches, chips or marks at all. I know they're very early because they have that deep shape, plus they are thicker than the more modern primary bowls. They have the earliest mark on the bottom, the kind that says only "T.M. REG." and "U.S. PAT. OFF" in a circle around "PYREX", with no numbers.

I had almost talked myself out of them, but all of you that commented have such great taste that I knew I had better listen to you guys! :) Plus, I knew if they were still there today, she'd be in the mood to deal. I think the price is pretty good, and I will be listing some other Pyrex in my Etsy store to make some room on my shelves for these. 

I guess that makes it official. I collect Pyrex. There, I said it. ;)

I actually went to another estate sale today to look at a vintage stove (with double oven!) and will know late tomorrow if they accept my offer on that. Hopefully I will be 2 for 2 this weekend!


  1. Pretty!
    Glad you snagged them.
    I cannot wait to hear about the stove, exciting!

  2. I grew up with this set in my house and now I own a set of my own. Love 'em!

  3. So pleased to see you went back for them there gorgeous. dee x

  4. I know you won't be sorry you got them, Official Pyrex Collector. :)

  5. They accepted my offer on the stove! Now I have to go get it and get it out of their basement- wish me luck!!!

  6. Beautiful Bowls! Now you can mix up cakes in your bowls and bake them in your new vintage oven!