Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sets Completed! Time for a Family Photo

Hello, Friends! Summer is half over, can you believe it? I have been busy on facebook lately, trading and talking about Pyrex. (Remember when I said I didn't want to collect the stuff? Well, we are way past that point now... :) 

I have been culling my collection a bit, and trading away those pieces that don't fit in my scope. I have traded some good pieces for other good pieces- if both parties are happy, that is a good thing. I finally got my Butterprint 443 (turquoise on white mixing bowl) to complete that Cinderella set on the left. I also got the last small 501 fridgie (with lid!) to complete the refrigerator dish set. All the rest of those pieces were thrifted and I have been working on completing them for almost 2 years. Finally finishing them is a good feeling, and so it was time for a family photo! 

I still need 2 more regular mixing bowls to complete the set on the right, as well as all the lidded casseroles in the Butterprint pattern and I will have them all. So far the only ebay purchase was the butter dish, but I'm glad I bought that. The tea towel is an Etsy item, and worth buying if you collect Pyrex! 

I also bought these Delphite items recently. I can't get enough of the blue milk glass and have never seen it in the wild, so they were ebay purchases. But I think I got a good deal on them, so I'm happy. The casserole is called "Gourmet" and is actually white glaze/gold leaf over blue glass. It didn't come with the lid or cradle/warming stand, but I think I can find those easily enough. I love the look of these, especially with my most recent thrifted vintage tablecloth ($5 at SA!)

Stay tuned, I have more Pyrex on the way!


  1. Congratulations on reuniting the Pyrex family! I know that has to be gratifying after two years. Your collection is beautiful.

  2. How splendid! Congrats! It looks great, Butterprint is definitely one of my favorite patterns!

  3. I love family photos! I'm going to have to take some of my own:-)


  4. Turquoise! Heart is palpitating!!! I thought of you this weekend when I served a make your own taco spread for my sons birthday, all in Pyrex! Granted most in brown and orange, and I forgot to take pics. Congrats on pulling the set together!

    1. Sounds great! My son always wants tacos for his bday too!

  5. How do i find the fb trading group? I have some pyrex i would like to trade.