Friday, April 19, 2013

Rummage Sales Everywhere!

This is my favorite time of year! Yard sale season is heating up, people are doing spring cleaning and donating to thirfts, but best of all, church rummage sales begin!

I have been doing a ton of shopping (probably too much- when does one cross the line to becoming a hoarder?) and have loads of goodies to show you all, so I'll probably have to do a couple posts to catch up.

Thursday was my town's big semi-annual church rummage sale, where I always have good luck. I usually get there before the doors open at 9, and as I was standing in line, I noticed a few familiar faces- some friends and some local dealers. I guess I can include myself in that group as well, since I have the antique booth and some of these things will end up there.

These are ceramic wall hangings; I LOVE these so much. They are staying right here with me. The background is a really pale green that will be so pretty in our bedroom, right next to my Turner airbrush painting.

I've been collecting these biscuit tin "baskets" for a while, but they're not usually cheap anymore. This one was, though- only $1!

This sweet family of ducks (and one chick, or is it the 'ugly duckling'? LOL) are candles- all for $1. Going to the Etsy store!

Since I was one of the first in the door, I scoped out the Pyrex first (I'll get to that) and the vintage tablecloths 2nd. I took all they had- three Christmas ones. Now, I need another Xmas tablecloth like a hole in the head, but am definitely keeping this first one. (The others may go to the booth.)

I love the old timey Holiday vignettes, and Santa dancing around the tree!

These two are more typical of mid century linens, not much to note about them except the price- $2 for the top one (a couple stains) and $5 for the bottom one. Of course the one with the stains is the only one that actually fits on my table....

And the Pyrex. The Verde (or is it Spring Blossom/Square Flowers?) Cinderella bowl was $3, which is astonishingly high for this sale.  It's not even in great condition- quite a bit of wear to the handles and utensil scratches which came out with a little BKF. It just goes to show that people everywhere (even little old church ladies) are onto those of us that collect it!

Friday I went to another church rummage sale. Thankfully the lime square baker was only $1 at that one. Apparently those little old church ladies are still in the dark! 

This is my second piece of lime (found the round cake pan about a month ago) and my 4th utility dish-  I have a flamingo lasagna pan and lidded casserole. But do you think I could find a pink or lime pie pan? No... still looking after all these years!


  1. Don't worry, you only become a hoarder when you make it to television.

  2. Not a hoarder...just recognize awesomeness!!

  3. Hehe you guys are funny...and haven't seen the inside of my house in person! :) (though you will, John next time you get up this way!)

  4. You always do so well at that rummage sale! Great finds!

  5. I love church rummage sales. I can even remember my two best scores: Butterprint 2 1/2 quart round casserole with lid for 75 cents and a West Bend penguin warmer for 50 cents!