Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Spotting of the Green

Well, pickings have been slim around here in thrifting land. It's been a couple weeks since I found anything worth writing about. But with Spring around the corner, people must be doing some spring cleaning, and I actually found something good today!

I am thrilled to have finally found my first piece of lime Pyrex- a round cake pan. I know these aren't that uncommon, but I have never seen any! As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any solid color bakewear at all recently, and I would love to have a pie plate and square baker to go with it.

It's in absolutely mint condition- appears never to have been used. Quite a miracle, since Pyrex only made lime from 1952 to 1956. The best part was that for St. Patty's Day anything green in the store was 25% off, so I got this for $2.25!

I also found a green FireKing mug (38 cents with the St. Pat's discount), a red Hazel Atlas Moderntone creamer ($1.00), and the cutest tiny mason jar. I am tempted to go back and pick up a set of 6 milk glass mugs that were not Pyrex, but very similar to the Old Towne/Blue Onion pattern. Not identical, but close...very cute- so tempting. I also left behind a Green 403 mixing bowl and a 402 Square Flowers bowl. They weren't in the best of condition, and I'm trying to leave stuff like that for someone else!


  1. I love that pitcher!
    I think about leaving things for others too :-)
    Bless them with my restraint, lol

  2. That little red pitcher is super cute.

  3. I love the little creamer too - sweet!!

  4. That piece is one of my favorites to use! I keep seeing those creamers in red and turquoise pop up everwhere... I better grab one before they are rocketed to fame and high prices!