Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Living Room Drapes- aka hanging 1950s pinch pleat drapes without a traverse rod

Some of you may recall that I recently thrifted a set of 1950s drapes in their original packaging. Four panels of vintage atomic printed barkcloth in orange and brown tones!

Well, as luck would have it, they match my living room perfectly. I hung them this morning and they look awesome! I had been putting this off for a while because I didn't have a traverse rod system set up, but I figured out a way to hang them without it.

First I had to unpack them and take the paper wrapping off. Hehe, not a bad problem to have!

Don't forget to read the instructions- probably would have been helpful if I was installing them on a traverse rod.

Then I attached these little clip on rings I had in a bag of drapery hardware I bought at a yard sale.

And threaded them over a standard white expandable rod. 

And they are hung! I do have those cornices to cover the rods, although they are still left over from my 'rustic cabin' phase. LOL. Maybe I will upholster them in a matching fabric...

Now, this is a bit of a teaser, because I have never really done a post on my living room, especially since we have almost completely changed it around lately. That will come; but I wanted to do a separate post on hanging these drapes first.


  1. That worked out perfectly. The drapes look great. I still can't get over your finding them in the original packaging!

  2. NICE! That was quite a lucky find.

    Imagine that, new in the packaging! LOVELY :)

  3. Those are gorgeous! I'd definitely keep and hang those too, so amazing that they were in the original packaging.