Monday, June 25, 2012

Some recent flea market finds

Just because I've been really busy doesn't mean that I don't make time to shop! I've been going to yard sales and the occasional flea market in search of great treasures for the shop. (Even though I've been neglecting my shop something terrible these days, I have still been buying stock. Just have to list it!)

It's yard sale season around here and I have probably been to a few dozen over the past couple of weeks. But it is getting harder to find good stuff, definitely. Most of the time it's cheap modern junk and when I do find some vintage it's often overpriced. *sigh...* I guess we're too trendy! :)

The only real good thing I found at a yard sale was this:

A 1940s Bakelite weather station for $2. It works great; I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but didn't want to buy a new one. This one has style! We actually use a barometer quite a bit for fishing; it's usually not even worth going if its over 30 (as it is today!) 

I actually bought the weather station at the same estate sale as the Giant Lamp- they've been having a yard sale about every 2 weeks trying to get the place cleaned out. I bought a couple more items of clothing there, but that was the only yard sale I went to that I even bought anything at.

We also have a weekly flea market here that even though it's close, is quite hit-or-miss as far as quality goes. I hadn't been yet this year, but I'm glad I stopped by this weekend. 

I found this great vintage tablecloth. I don't think I've ever seen a palm tree-themed one before, so I snapped it up for $3. (I don't care that it's 54" square and doesn't fit my table. :P)

I love vintage aviation stuff, especially flight bags. I found this one from BOAC (now known as British Airways) from the 60s. I had to have it for $3, and it's a keeper. I know I need to sell some of this stuff, but not this- it's the perfect size for overnights and is just so classy. I have a vintage plaid flight bag that I actually take as a carry-on when I fly; its amazing how much I can fit in it and how it always makes people smile when they recognize it. Same deal with this one!


  1. Oh my! I remember flying BOAC as a child!

    My parents took me to Lomdon and then to Rome in 1975....Lovely vacation!

  2. The weather station is fantastic. Those things are so handy, but they're usually not very attractive. That one does have style!

  3. Super cool finds!

  4. Fantastic clock! Lots of fun!

    Yardsales haven't been good around here at all. Seems like everyone's just getting rid of dollar store junk. yuk!!

    Home with 2 sick kids. Summer just started. Not fair!


  5. It's a case of Irving Berlin's "Love and The Weather" with that station! What a find! Could the breezy palm tree clotch be from "the Islands" I wonder?!

  6. Great finds SusieQT! I have been looking for a vintage weather station which includes a barometer, like forever. Found one ther other day at a goodwill but unfortunately the from glass was broken, as well as one of the dials. Absolutely love the table cloth!

  7. Love all your finds, as usual! But that weather dealio is awesome! So great that you found the BOAC bag. Right up your alley! I just read the post over at Welcome to Deluxeville and I'm so jealous that you have that cool dime store there! I'll bet it's like a Woolworths. Have a good weekend.