Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rednesday: Vintage tablecloth

Joining a Rednesday link party today. Not something I've ever really done much of, but I happened to have this great new tablecloth and wanted to share it.

I bought it at a recent rummage sale for $4. I've never seen another like it, with the bold colors and Asian graphics. If you'd like to see some more of my collection of vintage printed tablecloths, I've written about it here:

I found the link party through Pam at Virginia Retro (a great blog for vintage tablecloth lovers) but the party is hosted here if you want to join.


  1. Wow, that's a wonderful tablecloth! I had it in the aqua colorway, but can't remember who made it. If I remember correctly, it's cotton with a touch of Rayon? Gorgeous! Let me do some research on the maker and I'll let you know what I find out. Pam

  2. Loving the gray and red scheme!

  3. Wow, look at all those blossoms! O love the print it is just so charming!

  4. That is a wonderful vintage tablecloth! Great find! Happy Rednesday!

  5. Its gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that for Rendesday this week. I love tablecloths, they are one of the few things I collect because I actually use them every day. Love this one, great deal for four dollars! enjoy!

  6. Love!!! So vintage!
    I love Pam's blog...I've been hooked to it for the last week since I became a member! :)

  7. I have lots of vintage tablecloths. Nothing like this one tho.

  8. Back with information! Sorry, I don't know the pattern name of your cherry blossom tablecloth, but can tell you it was made by a company named P & S Creations. I checked one of my reference books, and it really offered no additional information on the company. It's gorgeous! Thanks for the nice mention of my blog, I really appreciate it. Rednesday is always fun, love to browse the link-ups. Pam

  9. Love that tablecloth! I have never once found a tablecloth that was big enough for a normal table and also did not have a stain on it.

    1. Yes, that is hard. Thankfully this one was pretty close to a normal size. I use them even if there are stains, so long as it's not really bad. I've found that the pattern and colors usually make the stain not too noticeable.

  10. this!
    Happy Rednesday!